Choose Your App

SAM Space

Intuitive, visual flow-based coding app
Compatible with iPad, Windows 10,
Android and Chromebook

SAM Blockly

Web based, imperative block-based coding
Compatible with
Chromebook and Mac (using Chrome)

Get Started with SAM Space

1. Make sure all of your SAM Blocks are charged

Plug the micro USB charging cable to the SAM Block

If it shows a red light, the battery is still charging.

When the light turna green, the block is fully charged!

2. Download the SAM Space app

3.Make sure Bluetooth on your device is turned on

Check the instruction manual for your device if you need help!

4. Pair your SAM Blocks

Open the SAM Space app and sign in

Turn on your SAM Blocks

Choose ‘Connect Blocks’ in the app

Select the SAM Block that you want to pair

Click the check box to pair

Your SAM Block is now ready to use!

5. Learn the basics

  • It’s simple to get started with SAM Labs!
  • When you log into the app, you’ll be walked through the basics
  • Learn all about the features, functions and terminology for the apps, blocks and lesson plans

6. Choose your Lesson Plan

  • SAM Labs step-by-step lesson plans that are aligned to the curriculum
  • Written for teachers by teachers
  • Designed to be accessible and relevant to a wide variety of subjects
  • Get inspiration for fun classroom projects to take your STEAM activities even further

Curious Cars

Step 1: Charge your SAM Blocks

Step 2:Download the Curious Cars app

Step 3:Follow the learn through play tutorials in the app to get coding with Curious Cars

Step 4:Ready for the next step? Download the SAM Space App to create project and try the SAM Labs Lesson Plans

Curious Cars For IOS
Curious Cars for Android

Discover how SAM Labs can engage your students